Frequently Asked Question

We will accept a temporary (up to two weeks) change over the phone by an authorized person on the account. For the security of our customers we require that all permanent changes be mailed, faxed or emailed with an authorized signature.

A transmission form of some form is needed to communicate with our monitoring station. A landline is one option, others include a radio transmitter and cellular transmission.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a new technology that uses the Internet to transmit telephone calls. Because VoIP is a digital process, it converts sounds into digital packets and sends those packets as information over the Internet. If those packets are not reassembled as sounds exactly the way they were received, the alarm receiving equipment will not understand what the alarm system was trying to send and events will be lost. Some digital compression formats used by VoIP providers do not reproduce the signals accurately.

TSI does offer new security systems that are designed to transmit over the internet and/or cellular network, plus we have our own Long Range Radio Mesh Network that works with all security systems.

With every security alarm system we install, we also include a backup battery that will keep your alarm system running during a temporary power outage. Your security system will stay operational for about 12 to 20 hours depending on the age of the battery.

Yes, most insurance companies commonly offer discounts of 5% - 15% when the insured property is protected by electronic security and fire systems.

TSI recommends you test your system often, at least monthly. Be sure to test all your doors, windows, motion detectors and glass break detectors along with the communication path to TSI.

Verified Reponse means that an alarm signal has been verified by an eyewitness, either a private officer responder or video camera feed, that a crime has occured. Verified Response generally does not apply to human activated alarms such as hold-up, panic, and duress.

We can monitor low voltage smoke detectors as part of the intrustion alarm system.

Requests for cancellation require 30 days advance notice and must be in writing. Letters of Cancellation must include the cancellation date, the service address for reference, and must be signed by an authorized individual on the account.

Updates to billing information and authorized contacts must be made in writing. You can fill out our Schedule A form and fax it to 702-967-5796 or e-mail it to

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