Future E-Link Members

DICE*eLink software is the next step in the evolution of the alarm industry. It brings DICE software securely into the World Wide Web through the use of the latest Web design and access technologies.
The DICE*eLink system allows secure, encrypted connections over the Internet or your company's Intranet through a Web browser. Since it is accessible anywhere a Web browser can be used, DICE*eLink is the ultimate in connectivity and productivity software.
DICE*eLink allows dealers, branches, managers and users, both internal and external to access the data that runs their business.
DICE*eLink provides a low cost solution for companies that demand easy access to their data anytime and anywhere.

  • A full GUI interface that runs within your own Web browser. Most of the software developed in the future will run in a Windows environment and be accessible through a Web browser.
  • Cutting edge technology that allows you to take advantage of the latest advances in Internet and Intranet technologies.
  • Data entry access from remote users and database verification at the central station.
  • An inexpensive way to connect hundreds of dealers and branchers with no modems or system effects.
  • The fastest Intranet applications, optimized for slow connections.

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