Fire Safety Services

As a full service fire safety services contractor, our services include new installations, existing system expansions, trouble shooting, repairs, inspections and monitoring. We combine our experience with the latest in fire alarm technology to meet all of your fire system monitoring needs. We hold and maintain all required licenses and certifications necessary at the State and Local level.

Let our diversity and experience work for you by combining all of your code required inspections and maintenance into one total package. Make scheduling easier with our full range of inspection and protection services including:

  • sprinklers
  • fire alarms
  • special hazards
  • restaurant hood systems
  • detection systems
  • fire pumps and hydrants
  • extinguishers
  • exit lights
  • backflow prevention
  • clean agent suppression systems

To ensure that your equipment and systems are inspected as required we track and maintain all critical anniversary dates and maintain copies of all inspection and repair reports for your convenience and protection.

Fire Extinguishers

Our state certified extinguisher technicians can review your facility, making sure you have the right extinguisher in the right location. We inspect, service, test and repair all manufacturers and classifications of hand portable fire extinguishers.

Emergency / Exit Lighting

Emergency lights and emergency exit lighting are essential for maintaining a safe workplace. They help keep order, prevent panic, enable safe movement, and contribute to timely evacuation. Our regularly scheduled inspection, testing, and maintenance service gives you peace of mind.

Fire Hydrants

Fire Hydrants are the Fire Department’s main source of extinguishing media. A non-operational hydrant could result in the loss of an entire structure. The National Fire Code requires hydrant inspection be performed semi-annually and after each use. Flushing is required annually. Traditionally, these inspections are performed in spring and in fall, prior to freeze up. This ensures there is no accumulation of water in the barrel, which can result in costly repairs. We offer complete fire hydrant testing services per NFPA 25.

Backflow Devices

Most water users have several back flow prevention devices installed within their buildings to prevent reverse water flow contamination of the municipal water source as well as possible cross contamination within their facility. Annual testing and periodic re-building of your facility’s back flow prevention devices by certified repair technicians is required by Nevada Law and failure to comply places you at risk. In the worst case, the water provider is required to shut off service to a non-compliant facility. Our fully trained and certified technicians can assist you in all your testing and repair needs. Upon completion of testing or rebuilding of each backflow device, all necessary documentation is completed and submitted to the proper authority and a copy is provided to you.