Equipment & Installation

Our specialists can build a custom security system for you using the latest technology and the most advance equipment on the market. We offer solutions focused on your individual needs including complete professional installation and service of all equipment, guided by building codes and manufacturers' specifications.

Access Control

With electronic access control you have complete managed control of your facility on site or remotely. You can build profiles to restrict access to authorized personnel based upon schedules, run reports on people who have come and gone and where and when they accessed different parts of the facility, as well as see when access has been denied. If a keyed employee is terminated, you can simply un-enroll them from the system instead of having to re-key your locks. Access Control systems can include:

  • Electronic Dead Bolts
  • Card Readers
  • Proximity Devices
  • Keypads
  • Request to Exit Devices
alarm panelsAlarm Systems

A good alarm system isn't about putting your home or business on lockdown; it's about creating peace of mind. You know that someone is looking over your property even when you are not there.

There are a great variety of electronic protection devices that can tie into your alarm system and be monitored at our local, UL-listed central station. We can install hard-wired or wireless system components, including glass break sensors, motion sensors, and vault/safe contacts. Non-burglary related components include smoke detectors, flood alarms, and rate of rise heat sensors.

Camera Systems

Technology advancements have happened so rapidly that now higher quality IP cameras have become a more affordable option than they were five years ago. IP cameras are more versatile and have a higher image quality, with better longevity, than an analog camera. IP cameras offer you the ability to do digital zoom which means that even though you have a full, broad view of a room, you can zoom in post-incident without severe image degradation. Some cameras come with on-board recording on SD cards, which eliminates the need for an expensive recording device at the head-end. With an IP camera you have secure remote accessibility through apps and browser interfaces and you can easily expand your IP camera system as needed.

If you are considering moving into an IP system we can bridge your analog system, creating a hybrid while you transition to full digital.

For any of our camera systems we offer full service plans with semi-annual visits to clean, position, and adjust cameras as your needs require. We also offer weekly verification checks to confirm cameras are online, recording, and in proper position for those systems that are not necessarily monitored regularly by you. We also provide services, repair, and replacement for analog CCTV systems.

Wireless Control

Your alarm system can do more than just keep your home and business secure. Not only can you arm and disarm your system but you can turn your lights on and off, set the thermostat, lock doors, view cameras, and receive event notifications, all via a smartphone app. You can set schedules and favorites, which adjust multiple devices at a set time or with the push of a single button.

Complete Solutions

We offer complete life safety solutions for your home and business. Our qualified TSI consultants will work with you to design complete integrated intrusion, fire, camera, and physical security solutions. A singular source will save you the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and ensure that no incompatibility issues arise. With a complimentary consultation, we can be your first and only stop to build complete residential or commercial solutions.