Request for Residential Vacation Checks

If you would like to have vacation checks performed on your residence, please complete this form and submit to TSI Security, LLC at least 72 hours prior to your planned absence. TSI is limited to a three week maximum.

Personal Information

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Zip/Postal Code:
Date Leaving:
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If lights on, which rooms:
Example: front hallway, back bedroom, etc.
Lock Box Requested for Backyard Access Only:
Pet Type:
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Who will be caring for the animal(s):
Does anyone have permission to be on your premises:
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Vehicle Information (Vehicles to be at the residence)

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Emergency Contact

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Authorization and Waiver
The undersigned does hereby grant TSI Security, LLC and its employees to visually check upon the property listed above. The undersigned does hereby agree to hold harmless TSI Security, LLC its employees, and agents for any claim for personal injury, loss or damage to property that may be suffered by the undersigned, through any action or lack thereof, by a representative of TSI Security, LLC. The undersigned does hereby agree to secure the premises when leaving and take whatever security measures at his/her disposal to cooperate in preventing crime, fire or other incidents from occurring. The undersigned has noted any conditions that will assist TSI Security, LLC during these checks and will notify TSI Security, LLC when he/she returns.

Visits requested per day ($10 per visit):
Not to exceed 3 visits per day
Agree To Terms: