Testing Your Burglar Alarm

  1. Be at home, near your alarm panel and an access point, such as the front door.
  2. Call us at 702-967-0000, if your alarm transmits via phone line, please call us from a different line if possible.
  3. Request a test of your system.
  4. A member of our monitoring staff will walk you through the next steps.
    1. Arm your alarm system
    2. Open the access point
    3. Allow the alarm to sound for at least 30 seconds
    4. The monitoring staff person will confirm a signal was received
    5. Disarm your alarm system


  1. If you do not have another phone line to call from other than the one the alarm system transmits through, your call will be disconnected once the alarm sounds. Please inform the staff member you are speaking with if this is the case before beginning the test.
  2. Please do not try to perform a test of your system without speaking with a member of our monitoring staff first. If we do not know you are testing your system, the signal will be treated as a standard emergency alert.